Getting Extra Value From The Boring Stuff

One of my greatest weaknesses is that I do very little reading.

I read all day for a living. I read computer screens. I read code. I read emails.

Reading books is probably the most undervalued thing a person can do for their own professional or personal improvement.

And yet despite that being my (strongly argued, weakly held) opinion, apparently I still don’t do it. Further proof that I am not particularly intelligent.

I don’t know what it is about it, I just don’t make the time to sit down and read.

What I find easy, though, is listening to podcasts. Almost every routinely performed activity I do away from the computer is now accompanied by a podcast of some kind. Interviews with hyper successful people, discussions among other business owners, history lessons in audio form, audio books, an endless treasure-trove of material.

Doing the dishes? It’s great fun right?

How about you spend that 10 minutes learning from the best business minds in the world via a podcast you like?

The value of that 10 minutes just skyrocketed.

Stuck in traffic? That sucks for you my friend. Please move closer to work or find a new place to live, being stuck in traffic is no way to live. While you’re stuck, though; podcasts.

Here are a couple I’ve been listening to recently, they genuinely improve my quality of life:

  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • Invisible Office Hours
  • Being Boss (I realised everything I was listening to was created by men, I went looking for content made by women in the business space)
  • Dan Carlins Hardcore History (a-maz-ing)
  • Making It With Jimmy Diresta

That’s 5 – but there are gazillions of the things out there.

There will be one out there that is perfect for you.