Keeping Up With The Joneses

We all exist together on this tiny rotating spec of dirt in the middle of nowhere, and in the dollar we trust.

If Bob has more of it, we want more of it. Most folk seem to live and work only compare material things. Bigger house, newer car. Bigger boat, newer clothes. Almost every week I hear about some young family moving into some ridiculously expensive, yet thoroughly average 3 bedroom home.

The road is both figuratively and literally littered with privately owned, financed vehicles.

Once you’ve made 50k, you want to make 75. Once you’ve made 100k, you want to make 200k. If you chase “things” you’ll never have enough of anything.

I struggle every day to try and keep my head above the inky waters of wanting more “stuff”. The fact of the matter is that regardless of what you have, unless you can find some level of contentment with that – you’ll want more eventually. Hedonistic adaptation will get you in the end.

What you own is an utterly terrible metric for life.

It is incredibly liberating to realize how many things you really don’t need. Things that actually have no impact on your quality of life, yet an hour ago they seemed to. I’ve yet to meet a person who after having a purge and getting rid of “stuff” has felt worse for it.

The rich man is one who is happy with what he has.