Living In One Of The Most Expensive Places On Earth

I live in a crazy place.

The average house price is now over 1 million dollars making it one of the least affordable places to live in the world. It may be the least affordable town of its size in the world (population 28,000).

When you look at it like that – it’s a pretty stupid place to live unless you are highly affluent.

We live here because it is stunningly beautiful. A small, clean, safe town in the mountains with big infrastructure and an international airport.

In reality, though, most of the New Zealand is like that to some degree or another.

I had planned to write a piece about how much people struggle here.

How hard it is to buy a home.

How expensive everything is.

I’m not sure what I expected though, this town is just really expensive and clearly the wrong place for most people to live.

I’m glad I’ve cleared that up for myself. 😉