Money Is Value

Of all of the things mankind has invented, money is one of the most interesting.

It causes plenty of problems in the world.

It also facilitates a huge amount of joy and happiness in that same world. It has a hugely negative stigma attached to it, in my view most unfairly. Money is all about value, those who provide great value receive great amounts of money. We’re all on the value scale somewhere. Want more money? create higher value for other people and it will occur.

Will Smith creates great value as he entertains us and sells product based on his social status.

Steph Curry creates great value, again as an entertainer. His angle is a little different, though, as a professional athlete.

A lot of people will pay a lot of money to watch those two people perform their craft, great value – great remuneration.

I picked those two examples as most folks don’t really understand why celebrities and professional athletes get paid the way they do. They can understand people who make lots of physical things making a lot of money, or performing lots of physical services – but entertainment and non-physical things of value are “slightly” more cerebral.

Value also changes. Value tends to swing wildly. Baseball players used to play on the weekends and they needed a full time job to pay the bills. Now baseball players make huge amounts of money. The same is true of musicians and the like.

In today’s society we tend to value celebrity and entertainment very highly.

This is a large shift, as in the past physical products were king.

Money is all about value, and more specifically what we value at the moment.

Do you want to add more value to other peoples lives? That’s another way of saying you want to earn more money, because more value equates to more money.

Try replacing the word “money” with the word “value”.

Does that change how you conceptualize money?